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The primary role of a management consultant is to assist the client in identifying and achieving the management high ground - at all levels of corporate management, from board director to line manager. For the Chief Executive this means credibility and trust with the board of directors process as well as in the executive committee process. For line executives it means having the right position description - organizational clarity on responsibilities, accountabilities and management processes.
In all cases we rely on basic principles of morality and management in working with individual executives so that best practices and required core competencies are in sharp focus. Today, best practice is synonymous with technology. The good news is that the technology is increasingly "plug and play." The bad news is that people have to be trained and change is constant. The potential for initiative overload or organizational dysfunction is always present. We can help by clarifying the big picture, redefining the mission, and mapping out the business processes for all to see.



The business model and corporate mission must be relevant to today's global competitive market. There are no safe, comfortable market segments left in which to hide. All employees must be more productive, all customers must have their needs satistisfied (at every touch point), and all companies need to achieve the lowest cost of ownership of the highest quality products and services used in the business. The supply chain is the new frontier - it is not a warm and fuzzy place.
When the right mission and strategies have been formulated, the chief executive should be able to call on the executive committee of management to describe the business processes and best practices that will assure continuous improvement in each area of the business, from marketing to real estate. Much of our consulting work is focused on helping senior management respond to this challenge with business process reengineering, the introduction of best practices and organizational development to make it happen.
Each year brings new technologies and new best practices and there is much cross pollination between industry segments and old and new players. For example, in the past year or two our clients have been active in supply chain management, price optimization, yield managment, e-commerce, and brand management. We can help our clients make the case for new technology, to implement new ways of working, and we can help them become more effective executives - to find and occupy the management high ground.

"His assistance to us over the years has been invaluable and Ross is considered to have state of the art systems with a good deal of credit going to Mr. Bartlett." Norman Ferber, CEO, Ross Stores.

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