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Our experience and wisdom has been acquired over the years by working with talented entreprenuers and executives in developing and growing retail companies in good times and bad. We have learned that everyone, especially the chief executive, needs a friend from time to time.
The role of the executive coach is to establish the analytical framework for analysis and decision making with the client executive - never encroaching on the chain of command but often empowering people to work out the right thing to do.
A great coach doesn't have to be a great athlete - but they do have to be trusted and appreciated by the people they coach. This is unlikely to happen unless the coach has a broad and deep understanding of the business model and global marketplace. Experience matters.

One of the common threads that we have observed in effective and successful chief executives is their attention to detail and quality of analysis - they have an instinct to over prepare for important meetings or decisions. We often assist in providing working (straw man) drafts, scripting dialogue or critiquing work products from the perspective of the intended recipient.
Clients often ask us to facilitate workshops and off-site strategic planning sessions. Our ability to articulate the business model and to develop an objective analytical framework empowers key client executives to temporarily step outside of the chain of command (and away from issues of turf) and to develop new strategies and priorities for the company.
Most importantly, we can then become the catalyst for organizational and cultural change so as to truly match the organization to the mission. Technology and the evolution of the global supply chain make change management itself a major management challenge. Here again, every executive needs a friend who can help them stay focused on the right issues and priorities.

"Bob Bartlett has been a valuable resource for our company through the various consulting assignments he has performed as well as a great sounding board for me personally." Howard Lester, CEO, Williams Sonoma.


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