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We are not in the recruiting business. But we receive a steady stream of calls from headhunters looking for talented and experienced executives. We maintain a large network of current and former client executives and try to help out whenever there is not a conflict. We never assist in recruiting from current or recent clients.

Our formative consulting years were spent trying to attract the smartest new MBA students at Harvard, Stanford and Wharton. Although taking these new associate consultants out on their first client engagement was always interesting, we developed a deep commitment to hiring the best and brightest. When asked to assist a client in recruiting new talent we start with the premise that the hiring hurdle should always be to raise the average quality of management not just match it.

We can help our clients recruit the best and brightest by writing a definitive position description and then making sure that the interviewing process tests and evaluates specific objective criteria reflected in the position description. This is then complimented by the industrial psychological testing and cultural (management) screen that most companies utilize. There is no substitute for raw intelligence, properly focused.


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