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Robert Bartlett is a career retail management consultant with over twenty five years of experience.  Our list of clients served reflects the enormous diversity of the retail marketplace as well as the massive changes that have occurred during the past two decades.  Listed below are just some of the clients served and the kinds of consulting engagements undertaken:


Client                                                     Industry segment                Type of engagement


Abraham & Straus                               Department store                 Accounting systems

Aca Joe                                                  Apparel specialty                 Startup and systems

Allied Stores                                         Department store                 Merchandising systems

Associated Dry Goods                       Department store                 Enterprise systems

Aurrera (Mexico)                                  Mass merchant                     Operations and systems

Banana Republic (Gap)                       Apparel specialty                 Startup and distribution

Bank of America                                   Bank                                       Credit card strategy

Bare Escentuals                                    Specialty                                Startup and business plan

Barry's Jewelers                                    Jewelry chain                        Restructuring

Burlington Coat Factory                     Apparel off-price                  Systems planning

Imaginarium                                          Toy specialty                        Startup and business plan

Carter Hawley Hale                              Department store                 Reorganization

Catholic Healthcare West                   Sports Medicine                   Business plan

Channel Home Centers                       Home improvement              Operations and systems

CPC (Taiwan)                                        Developer                              Shopping center planning

Computerland                                       Computer chain                    Executive development

Coppel (Mexico)                                   Department store                 Strategic planning

CTW (Sesame Street)                          Media                                     Brand management

Daiei (Japan)                                         Mass merchant                     Strategy and e-commerce

Esprit de Corp                                       Apparel                                  Operations and real estate

Federated Stores                                  Department store                 Systems planning

Foschini (South Africa)                      Apparel specialty                 Systems and management

Fred Meyer                                           Mass merchant                     Executive compensation

Gap Stores                                             Apparel specialty                 Systems and distribution

General Nutrition                                  Health food                           Inventory management

Geary's                                                   Specialty                                Strategy and management

Gigante (Mexico)                                  Mass merchant                     Operations and systems

Giorgio's                                                Apparel specialty                 Operations and systems

Good Guys                                            Consumer electronics          Operations

Gordon Jewelers                                   Jewelry specialty                  Systems planning

Guess?                                                   Apparel specialty                 Store operations

Gump's                                                   Gift specialty                         Credit systems

Herman's                                                Sporting goods                    Operations and systems

Higbee's                                                 Department store                 Systems planning and POS

HomeClub (HomeBase)                       Home improvement              Startup operations/systems              

Home Depot                                          Home improvement              Labor scheduling

Hutzler's                                                 Department store                 Systems planning and POS

Jamesway                                              Discount                                Systems planning

Jay Jacobs                                             Apparel specialty                 Capital restructuring

Lamonts                                                 Apparel chain                       Systems planning

Leverage One                                       Cell phone technology        Strategic planning

Little Forest                                           Cosmetics                              Board membership and e-commerce

Living Ceramics                                    Manufacturer                        Business plan

Loehmann's                                           Apparel off-price                  Organizational development             

Lowes                                                    Home improvement              Compensation management

Macy's                                                   Department store                 Credit systems

Mark Christopher                                 Apparel specialty                 Asset sale

McMahan Furniture                            Furniture                                Inventory management

Mervyn's                                               Mass merchant                     Credit management

NRF                                                        Retail Association               Industry studies (4)

National Semiconductor                     Retail systems                      Acquisition review

Office Club (Office Depot)                  Office supplies                    Project management

Orchard Supply Hardware                  Home Improvement             Systems and operations

Oshman's                                               Sporting goods                    Systems planning

Pace Membership Warehouse           General merchandise           Startup operations/systems

Pacific Stereo                                        Consumer electronics          Turnaround

Pacific Sunwear                                    Apparel specialty                 Business plan

Pay N Pak                                              Home improvement              Concept development        

Pep Boys                                               Automotive                           Systems planning

Petrie Stores                                          Apparel specialty                 Organizational development

Plan shoe (Ross)                                  Shoes off-price                     Business plan

Prints Plus                                             Specialty                                Management development

Rainbow Records                                 Music and video                  General management

REI                                                          Sporting goods                    Merchandising systems

Ross Stores                                           Apparel off-price                  Systems and management

Sav-on Drugs                                       Drug chain                            Distribution systems

Sears                                                      Mass merchant                     Executive training

Sharper Image                                       Gift specialty                         Systems and strategy

Shepler's                                                Western apparel                   General management

Signet (United Kingdom)                    Jewelry specialty                  Strategic planning

Sterling                                                  Jewelry specialty                  Strategy and management

Stroud's                                                 Linen specialty                     Merchandising systems

Target                                                    Mass merchants                   Credit strategy                                     

Supermarkets General                          Supermarket                          Merchandising

Troutman's Emporium                         Apparel chain                       Systems planning

TRW Credentials                                 Credit bureau                        Feasibility study                 

Well-Pet (Petco)                                   Pet supplies                          Business plan

Wal-Mart                                               Mass merchant                     Assortment planning

Williams Sonoma                                 Cookware specialty             General management

Zayre                                                      Mass merchant                     Merchandising


The Principals have provided a broad range of product design and marketing services to technology providers to the retailing industry, including IBM, ICL, Fujitsu, Pacific Bell and Tandem.


In addition, we have undertaken numerous due diligence reviews of retail companies on behalf of institutional investors and banks.


"I am appreciative of your time, commitment, and your advice in what clearly was the most challenging experience in my business life. You were there when we needed you." Mark Begelman, CEO, Office Club.

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